Our commitment towards quality ensures investing in state of the art technologies and infrastructure right from sourcing & warehousing, processing & packaging, to delivery

Cleaning & Hulling


After harvesting, the seeds are cleaned and hulled. The first stage of the hulling process is cleaning. In Hulling process a combination of water and friction work together as the seeds are passed against the chamber of the hulling machine to separate the hull from the seeds. Then drying is carried out. If proper washing and drying is not done then there is chance of forming poisoning bacteria on some spices which is a real danger.

Quality Assurance


We exercise stringent quality policies in all our business activities and consistently focus on offering a superior quality range of Indian Spices. To achieve this objective, we are supported by a qualified team of quality controllers which closely supervises the entire process of processing, filling, weighing and packing. These professionals ensure that our range is high on quality and contains no added flavor or chemical. We buy spices directly from farmers, process these spices under supervision from experts, and export them as per the packing requirements of our clients. Our range is tested on following parameters: Edibility Hygiene Shelf life Nutritive value



In the production of our range of Indian Spices, packaging plays a vital role hence; we maintain an efficient and intact packaging system. We pack our range using jute bags, polypropylene and multi-layer paper-bags with inner liner. Apart from this, we also provide containerization of export cargos. Use of superior quality packaging material helps us in retaining the freshness and rich aroma of the spices. Proper packaging also prevents the spices from moisture and humidity during long distance transit. Further, to suit the specific requirements of our clients, we also offer customized packaging in terms of sizes and compositions

Storage & Warehouse


We have a cold storage facility. This is to retain the quality of our agricultural food products. A team of dedicated & competent personnel, upgraded machinery and huge production unit, we are able to meet the client's’ expectations. Our vast infrastructure also comprise of a warehouse that can store large amounts of procured products at any given point of time. We also have the facility to store our products in private and government warehouses

Procurement Expertise


Having been in the business for decades, we have developed an extensive and exclusive procurement network. We utilize our veteran knowledge of spices, oil seeds, herbs, raisins, pulses & beans and organic products to select, procure and process goods, specifically catering to our clients/end-user requirements

Research & Development


Recognizing the substantial role it plays in the success of any business, we at Shanuga Spices attach significant importance to our R&D endeavors. We have partnered with R&D specialists to keep abreast of the latest technologies & market updates pertinent to our industry. We are continually striving to incorporate these updates to benefit the farmers, producers and consumers alike. Moreover, owing to our diversified experiences acquired from different nations, we have been able to adapt local technologies & methodologies, and successfully apply them to our various international set-ups. This has given us an undisputed advantage, enabling us to develop a product range unmatched and unrivalled in its quality